Photo Gallery

Water removal under the flooring in a hallway of a home.

Specialty Drying Services Limit Your Losses

The drying strategy SERVPRO technicians use to address different hard surfaces helps prevent buckling, cupping, or warping from becoming permanent. Our technicians use specialty equipment to force air underneath hardwood or veneer flooring, drying areas that contain higher moisture concentration from below.

Partially removed and pulled up interlocking foam flooring over wood floorboards after mitigation

Killingly Home Gym Sewage Water Cleanup by SERVPRO

After this new Killingly home encountered a sewage backup, SERVPRO provided relief from contaminants and odors with EPA-registered solutions. The home gym in this photo needed water extraction and gym flooring and tile removal to remediate the damage in full.

Water damage to a kitchen drop ceiling that is highly visible on wood and ceiling tiles

Storm Damage Cleanup for a Norwich Kitchen

After a pipe break occurred in the Norwich property in this photo, SERVPRO storm cleanup technicians arrived to extract over six inches of water from the property. This drop ceiling was also heavily impacted, saturating joists and ceiling tiles.

Washing machine hookups on a wall next to an outlet with flood-cut drywall and visible framing and plumbing underneath

24/7 Preston Water Remediation by SERVPRO Technicians

When this Preston property experienced water damage, SERVPRO professionals provided controlled demolition and mitigation that efficiently cleaned and dried the space. The flood cuts in this photo help dry walls and inside cavities to mitigate potential microbial growth risk.

Charred wicker couches, table, cushions, and flooring are visible in the wood-paneled four seasons room with soot-stained win

Cleaning Out Fire and Smoke Damage on a Woodstock Property

This photo features a fire-damaged Woodstock residence’s four seasons room that needed thorough soot remediation from ceiling to floor. SERVPRO professionals can use dry cleaning sponges, EPA-registered solutions, and abrasion cleaning where needed for restoration.

Photo of equipment drying out water damage in an office

We Understand Your Business Needs

A water emergency in an office can be devastating.  When this office had a roof leak we were on site to get the water extracted, and set up drying equipment to get them up and running again in no time.  

Photo of ceiling debris in home after a storm

Experienced Storm Clean-Up

SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County has experience with dealing with all the kinds of storm damage New England can inflict on your home.  This particular home had a tree fall into their roof because of high winds.  We were able to secure the house from further damage and clean the debris inside.  

Photo of boarded up house after wind damage

Wind Damages Window

Having a home in New England poses some challenges when it comes to weather.  When this lakeside home experienced high winds, a large window became loose and blew out.  We were there to get their home boarded up to prevent further damage.  

Photo of specialty equipment, drying out a wood floor

Drying Out Hardwood Floors

How do floor drying mats work? 

Water and moisture are drawn up through the mats into the hoses. Ultimately the vapor is dispersed into the air to be removed by the dehumidifiers and the the water is caught in the separator.  SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County is here 24/7 for any water emergency.  Call us at 860-887-0447

Photo of hotel hallway with drying equipment

Water Clean Up in Hotel

When a popular resort in our area had flooding from a leaking pipe, they called SERVPRO of Norwich and Winhdam County to get it cleaned up and dried out to keep business rolling.  

Photo of fire damaged home

Fire Due to Air Conditioner

This house fire was caused by a malfunctioning window air conditioner unit.  Most importantly, nobody was hurt, but the home was a total loss.  SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County is assisting the customer with a full rebuild of their family home.  

Photo of SERVPRO Equipment ready to go at a water damage

We Are Always Ready!

When a local medical complex had damage to several offices due to a water leak, SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County was on site to clean up and get them back in business.    

Photo of SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County Crew

2019 Crew Photo

We've got the best crew in the business at SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County.  Our crew is t=here for you and your family 24/7 for any water, fire, storm or bio-hazard emergency.  Shown left to right is Tyler, John, Alfredo, Jorge, Carlos, Jose, Ivan, Gerardo, Leo and Wesley.  

Photo of severe storm damage to home

Severe Storm Damage

Our crews will never forget the time they spent in Flordia during the clean up of Hurricane Michael.  They went above and beyond to help the families put their lives back together after devastating damage.   

Photo of crew member cleaning high walls in warehouse

No Ceiling is Too High!

No ceiling is too high for SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County! When this warehouse had a fire we needed some extra equipment to reach the ceilings.  Its a good thing Jose isn't afraid of heights!

Photo of kitchen cabinets damaged by fire

Are You Being Safe in the Kitchen?

Some common causes of kitchen fires are:

  • Flammables near elements and open flames
  • Frying with oil
  • Setting cooking temperatures too high
  • Leaving cooking unattended
  • Faulty appliances

Keep your loved ones and home safe!  

Photo of extreme flooding in a basement

We Are Here To Help

Believe it or not, this is an actual photo from a job we did in Salem.  The flooding was caused from heavy rains causing ground water to go into the basement.  If you don't know where to start, start by calling SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County at (860)887-0447

Photo of mold damage due to leaking pipe

Little Leak, Big Problem

Make it a point to regularly check your pipes for small leaks.  When leaks go undetected the constant moisture on surfaces can lead to black mold which is unhealthy for your loved ones.  

Photo of hole in roof after storm damage

Roof Damage After Storm

High winds and heavy rains caused several trees to fall onto our customers house in Dayville.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but the home was extensively damaged.  SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County came in to help clean up and pack up the salvageable contents of their home.  

Photo of mold visible under a carpet

What's Under Your Carpets

Are the carpets in your home smelling a little funky? Have you had a higher than normal instances of allergies inside your home?  Are your carpets feeling damp? There could be mold lurking under your carpets.  Call SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County for an estimate for remediation today at 860-887-0447.

Photo of drying equipment in gym drying out floors

Don't Let Water Get in the Way of a Workout

When a New London gym was flooded because of heavy rains, SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County flexed our remediation muscles to get the floor dried out and the athletes back on their workout schedules.  

Photo of process of drying out a specialized gym floor

SERVPRO Scores Big on Gym Floor!

When a local school gymnasium was in danger of loosing their basketball court because of a roof leak they called SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County.  Our experience in water remediation saved the gymnasium flooring and the team was back in action in no time.  

Photo of SERVPRO equipment lined up for a new job

All Hands on Deck

When SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County received the call that brand new retail space under construction in Norwich had substantial water damage due to an error by their contractor, we were on site to get it dried out!  It was all hands on deck to get the equipment loaded and into the building.  

Photo of Riding Lawnmover that had caught on fire

Lawnmower Fires

Are you using your lawnmower safely? This is a photo from the source of a shed fire we were called out to in Norwich.  Never add fuel to a hot lawn mower, it can easily cause the engine to catch fire.  Make sure to also keep up on regular maintenance.  A dirty air filter can cause your lawn mower engine to run hotter than necessary.  

water damage to the ceiling tiles at a large bank headquarters

Bank Water Damage, Norwich CT

Water damage to a local bank headquarters after heavy rain.  We came in to help dry them out! We value being apart of our local community and are always ready to help when needed.     

burned fire debris after a garage fire

Garage Fire, Eastford CT

The source of a garage fire SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County was on site to clean up.  The rechargeable battery on the drill overheated and caught fire on a work bench.      

long hotel hallway, with colorful carpeting being dried out by SERVPRO equipment

Hotel Water Damage, Norwich CT

Hotels are 24 hour businesses just like SERVPRO! When a water damage struck in the middle of the night, SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County was there within the hour to remediate the problem.  

Debris from outside and the neighbors home is present inside our customer's living room.

Hurricane Michael

Photo of a job site in Panama City Florida, where our crew was on site helping after Hurricane Michael. Our crew spent two months in Florida helping the community.  That is the neighbor's roof in their living room!  

Large debris piled outside a home in Florida after the hurricane.

Hurricane Debris

Our team spent over two months helping homeowners in Panama City Florida put their lives back together.  The damage was heartbreaking, but entire communities rallied together.  We were happy to help! 

Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you a commercial business that needs a good cleaning but you don't have the time?  SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County can come in to do a deep clean to keep your business sparkling! 

Water Damage in Willimantic CT

Imagine coming home to this! A burst pipe on the second floor had water everywhere in their kitchen and basement.  SERVPRO of Norwich and Windham County was on site in no time to get it cleaned up.  

Don't Live With Mold

If you suspect that your home or business has a mold problem, SERVPRO Professionals can inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, we have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. Mold doesn't stand a chance!

Emergency Fire Response!

Emergency fire response by our crews! We were on scene within 45 minutes, boarded up the windows, and made sure the customer was fully taken care of with no questions needing to be answered.

Mold in Basement

This basement had a severe mold problem. SERVPRO was called in to remediate the problem. After diagnosing the problem our crew went to work and quickly made this basement livable again! The customer could not have been happier with our services, and will be using us in the future.

Pipe Break in Home

This house had a pipe break on the second floor and the water ran down into the basement, affecting the whole house. Our crew protected the contents and removed them from the house. The customer was very happy with our quick response and the great work our crew did.

Commercial Building - Ceiling & Wall Fire Damage

This was a commercial fire loss we got called into on a Saturday morning. There was heavy soot on the ceilings and walls. Our crews worked long hours to get this factory cleaned. The job was finished ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy.

Auto Parts Store - Water Damage

This water damage happened at an auto parts store at 11:30pm on a Friday night. Almost the entire store had water damage. Our crew was on site within 2 hours, and the store was able to open the next day with no business lost!